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Marathi Nose Pin

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A piece of jewellery worth owning: The Marathi Nosepin 

The traditional patterns and designs of Maharashtra are usually very intricate and very pleasing to the general eye. Here at Kalyan Jewellers, we have marathi nose pin collections which you should definitely get your hand on right now. These nose pins are very unique in the sense that they are simple yet have an outlook of class and coolness.


With the unique charm it holds, it tends to captivate its viewer with the way it fits any different face type and skin tone. By adding our authentic Candere diamonds within, the Marathi nose pin can take your beauty up a notch. This might be that perfect nose pin you have been looking for since you pierced your nose.

Reasons to buy our Marathi nose pins

As of common knowledge, the nose is a pretty sensitive area, including the skin of the said area. Hence, it is very important to be careful with the type of material and ornaments you use, especially with nose pins that are in direct contact with your skin for long time periods. With our Marathi nose pin collection, you do not have to worry about any such adverse reactions or allergies. This is because we use high-quality raw materials and craftsmanship as far as our gold and diamonds are concerned. 


Safety and practicality aside, our Marathi nose pin pieces are designed by professionals who spend a significant amount of time and work coming up with unique designs which are a perfect harmony of tradition with a hint of modernity and class. All our designs come with an exquisite level of handiwork and perfection which is nothing like you have seen before.

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What makes Marathi nose pins so special?

For many individuals and women, The Marathi nose pin design has been etched into their minds as a pretty cool fashion statement, thanks to the passive promotion by several actresses and popular and pretty celebrities. However, it does have a strong reason, which is the unbeatable level of beauty it beholds to the wearer.

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A reasonable price range

Like all Candere products, which are priced at a very reasonable and well-thought-out range, our Marathi nose pin also comes with a relatively easier price tag. The price range for our nose pin collection ranges from about inr 7000 to inr 35,000, which is inclusive of the gold and diamonds within the piece. With our wide variety and styles of nose pins available, you get to experiment with different styles which can alter your overall appearance. By adding our Marathi nose pin to your jewellery collection, we assure you that you will turn several heads!

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Buy Marathi Nose Pin WIth DGRP

With the greatly fluctuating prices of gold in the present conditions, it is highly recommended that you make any purchases of gold with the DGRP, which is Double gold rate protection.  

At Kalyan Jewellers, we have these services available at our stores themselves. Thereby, all you have to do is just opt for the choice to purchase your Marathi nose pin with DGRP to protect your future selling price.

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