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Gemstone Engagement Rings

Solitaire Swing Tourmaline Ring

Rs. 30,829 Rs. 26,513

Style No C000632

Isha Tourmaline Ring

Rs. 82,486 Rs. 70,938

Style No C001595

Elite Tourmaline Green Ring

Rs. 60,429 Rs. 51,969

Style No C000642

Delta Aquamarine Ring

Rs. 88,215 Rs. 75,865

Style No C000614

Wight Rose Sapphire Ring

Rs. 44,967 Rs. 38,672

Style No C001863

Tanzanite Barrie Ring

Rs. 81,978 Rs. 70,501

Style No C000647

Arleen Blue Sapphire Ring

Rs. 51,198 Rs. 44,030

Style No C005621

Aditha Garnet Ring

Rs. 59,905 Rs. 51,518

Style No C007255

Sylvana Aquamarine Ring

Rs. 41,595 Rs. 35,772

Style No C005597

Faceted Tourmaline Ring

Rs. 88,373 Rs. 76,001

Style No C001877

Garnet Hibiscus Diamond Ring

Rs. 33,826 Rs. 29,090

Style No C001163

Radiant Criss Garnet Ring

Rs. 83,183 Rs. 71,537

Style No C000665

Filigree Garnet Ring

Rs. 38,466 Rs. 33,081

Style No C000660

Silver Eye Green Onyx Ring

Rs. 30,263 Rs. 26,026

Style No C011559

Royal Red Spinel 1.00ct Ring

Rs. 47,505 Rs. 40,854

Style No C011551

Morkel Red Spinel Ring

Rs. 33,491 Rs. 28,802

Style No C011547

Gemstone Engagement Rings

Who says engagement rings need to be made only with diamonds. Princess Diana broke this cliché long time ago, and so did her daughter in law, Kate Middleton. It is so much fun to break rules. Diamonds maybe a girl’s best friend, but then not all girls are the same. These are gems that get you engaged to your human-gem. A category, that highlights the importance of precious and semi-precious gemstones alike. Imagine: a solitaire or a diamond engagement ring in its typical form, but the centre diamond being replaced by a colourful gemstone! How would that look on her finger?

This is the ring of your dreams: meaning, every girl who is in love, dreams about her engagement, about her marriage, about her ensemble, her jewellery, the events that will unfold in her life, she lives every moment in expectation. Hence you should be aware that she might have been dreaming about her engagement sparkle too; try to sneak into her social profiles, keep an eye for her likes, her choices, her tastes, listen carefully to her conversations, she might be dropping hints you know! All this homework will make life easier when you want to actually order for an engagement gemstone ring for her. All the better if you can get a sizeable carat of her birthstone as your proposal ring.

Gemstone Engagement Ring Designs

Your gemstone engagement ring could have different types of shank/shoulders: tapered, reverse tapered, split shank, uniform width, cross over, double cross over, knotted, flat, knife edge, scooped, half round edge, bypass, cathedral, halo and so on. Shank is the area of the ring that goes around the palm side of your finger and shoulder is that which sits on the top part, around the centre design. In bands, this width is uniform throughout.

People getting engaged tend to invest a lot of time money and energy into choosing the perfect engagement ring for their partners. It is wise to order for only the most flawless gemstone engagement ring for them, aligning all the details from the shank or the shoulder, to the setting, the stones, the shape or carat of the stone, colour of the gold, et al. Women, as you know are extremely particular about their jewellery to the minutest detail. And what’s best, you could also experiment with your ring, by choosing the different coloured gems shown on the site before deciding on your final purchase.

Afterall, if women love bling, let them have it - so what even if it is on their engagement ring.

Latest Engagement Rings Designs

Your gemstone engagement ring could have stones that vary on the carat scale from 0.02Ct to a 5Ct (called solitaire gemstone). You could also choose the shape of your gem, from amongst: rounds, ovals, pear, cushion, princess, marquise or heart. While most of the rings have simple, minimal kind of designs, some of your stones may be surrounded by elaborate ribbons of diamonds or be snuggled amidst knots of gold.

Types of Gemstone Rings

A setting where the centre main stone is surrounded by a ring of diamonds, either in round or square-ish in shape, is known as halo setting. To buy Halo Gemstone rings go to, Isha Tourmaline Ring, Delta Aquamarine Ring, Cornflower Red Spinel Ring, Regal Red Spinel Ring, Asija Heart Pink Spinel Ring and more.

The three-stone Gemstone rings include designs such as Kristianna Red Spinel Ring, Isabela Green Onyx Ring, Filigree Garnet Ring, Tanzanite Barrie Ring and Elite Tourmaline Ring.

Gemstone centre pieces with diamond accents look just as beautiful, as is seen in Arleen Blue Sapphire Ring, Sylvana Aquamarine Ring, Silver Eye Green Onyx Ring, Aroha Iolite Ring, Alvin Red Spinel Ring, Love Red Spinel Ring, Valentina Iolite Ring.

And then are the Cocktail style Engagement rings, that obviously suit the purpose, if you want to flaunt it on special occasions only, like the Ciara Red Spinel Ring, Halle Iolite Ring, Sharlene Green Onyx Ring, Chayana Green Onyx Ring or Gracie Red Spinel Ring.

Choose your Gemstone

With our new customization feature, now you can select the gemstone you wish to use on the same ring just by hovering the cursor on the gemstone color. With a array of colourful gems at your disposal, you will never fall short of your desired gem. The list of gemstones available under this feature are, ruby, emerald, blue and pink sapphire, green and pink tourmaline, amethyst, aquamarine,citrine, topaz, tanzanite, red and pink spinel, peridot and Iolite.

Engagement Rings On EMI

Since most of these rings use tremendous quantity or carat size of precious gems in addition to lots of tiny diamonds, they may be priced really high; that may be a buying deterrent. Well that should not be a big issue, because Candere extends the EMI payment option that protects your price for you and allows you to pay as per your plan. There are NO add-on charges involved in the costing like processing fee or EMI interest. A great idea to save money on luxurious purchase.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

All the gemstones, precious or semi-precious and also all the diamonds used in jewellery manufacturing at Candere are IGI certified; the metal used is BIS hallmarked. Rest assured, Candere would only sell you certified gemstone engagement rings, quite the worth for your money.


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