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Nose Pins

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Gemstone Nose Pin Online

It may sound as if nosepins are only cast in gold or diamonds, but it may not be entirely true. To curate nosepins in different shades of colourful gems, is the latest fashion frenzy and let us assure you, it has gained immense popularity in a short period. And has proved our jewellery predictions right. These are a handful of colourful, differently shaped nosepins, that look so very interesting and vibrant! Just think about the difference it will make to your look, the charm it will add to your face. Also, in here, we have experimented with various types of settings of the stone; even though the visible part will only be the stone, gold is hardly noticeable in so tiny an ornament. Popularly known as single stone nosepins, these differ from the multi-stone nosepins in patterns and shapes too; hence they are also known by ‘solitaire nosepins’ or ‘solitaire diamond nosepins’ to some people.

Rs. 2,351

Style No C010853

Rs. 2,582

Style No C010879

Rs. 2,920

Style No C010881

Rs. 2,752

Style No C010823

Rs. 2,589

Style No C010917

Rs. 3,067

Style No C010931

Rs. 3,638

Style No C010939

Rs. 3,298

Style No C010951

Rs. 3,089

Style No C010955

Rs. 2,598

Style No C010839

Rs. 1,985

Style No C010737

Rs. 2,123

Style No C010749

Rs. 2,224

Style No C010765

Rs. 2,612

Style No C010783

Rs. 2,727

Style No C010795