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Gemstone Nakshatra Delight Pendants

Flute Red Spinel Pendant

Rs. 40,067 Rs. 34,458

Style No C012533

Initial F Vakratunda Ruby Pendant

Rs. 15,473 Rs. 13,307

Style No C007133

Initial C Vakratunda Ruby Pendant

Rs. 13,255 Rs. 11,399

Style No C007055

Initial R Vakratunda Ruby Pendant

Rs. 9,137 Rs. 7,858

Style No C007153

Initial V Vakratunda Ruby Pendant

Rs. 16,976 Rs. 14,599

Style No C007151

Initial D Vakratunda Ruby Pendant

Rs. 15,722 Rs. 13,521

Style No C007057

Initial A Vakratunda Ruby Pendant

Rs. 16,477 Rs. 14,170

Style No C007051

Initial P Vakratunda Ruby Pendant

Rs. 13,967 Rs. 12,012

Style No C007061

Initial K Vakratunda Ruby Pendant

Rs. 16,976 Rs. 14,599

Style No C007165

Initial Y Vakratunda Ruby Pendant

Rs. 16,434 Rs. 14,133

Style No C007145

Initial U Vakratunda Ruby Pendant

Rs. 16,477 Rs. 14,170

Style No C007155

Initial J Vakratunda Ruby Pendant

Rs. 14,719 Rs. 12,658

Style No C007139

Initial N Vakratunda Ruby Pendant

Rs. 16,477 Rs. 14,170

Style No C007135

Initial G Vakratunda Ruby Pendant

Rs. 15,722 Rs. 13,521

Style No C007183

Initial W Vakratunda Ruby Pendant

Rs. 16,477 Rs. 14,170

Style No C007159

Initial X Vakratunda Ruby Pendant

Rs. 17,479 Rs. 15,032

Style No C007163

It is the jewellery that makes loud statements, not words.

Doesn’t every guy want to look the best? Well, not just for appeal and attraction, but for the feel-good factor too. Which is more like adding charms to one’s personality, adding smartness to one’s attire or adding gemstones to one’s jewellery – or a careful combination of all of these. The whole industry of fashion focuses primarily on women, but here, let’s make a difference in the fashion world of men because, ‘dear men, we think about you too’.

It is an undisputed fact that men love to adore themselves and love to indulge in style too – just like women, if any lesser. And because men love jewellery too, we as jewellers like to design jewellery for men too. Men love gems and gemstones – be it precious or semi-precious. When it comes to wearing an ornament around their neck – the most visible space for decoration – men are particular about what they wear, in terms of designs, choices, jewellery, etc. Nakshatra pendants have been gaining popularity amongst men, off late. Gemstones have a unique appeal, because, like diamonds, they shimmer, glimmer, and add a sparkling appeal to one’s look. Not only that, but because they are versatile in terms of colour, gemstone jewellery can be paired with any coloured outfit and any style of outfit – formal or informal. Well, gems as adornments have seen more and more admiration from men of high class and stature like: the kings, the royals, the businessmen class, the top hierarchy of working men and even the religious minded men from urban and rural backgrounds.

Nakshatra Pendants Designs

Why wouldn’t you flash your shimmer when you have the best opportunities to do so? Walk into a birthday bash, a new year’s party or a bachelor’s party, make a stylish entry with Allister Iolite Pendant - or, choose the colours from Ruby, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Citrine, Red Spinel, Green Onyx & Emerald. Even though pricey, this is a one-time investment in terms of money, but will let you make an effortless style statement anywhere!

The attention you have pulled doesn’t end here. Continue to bask in that glory right from your entry to the progressing evening and open conversations with the Flute Ruby Pendant. See, being in style is so effortless!

That is the beauty of Nakshatra pendants – or ornaments for that matter – they let you start meaningful conversations and also let them hover around you and your style. It’s not just women who can; men can make style statements too. Depends largely on how you meticulously plan your style, such that others want to be like you. And trust us when we say this, not only the men, but even women will take inspirations from your – well, original – fashion statements. Who wants to follow fashion when you can carve one of your own - with your initials etched largely around your neck - err on your pendants. Try these chic pendants: Initial O Vakratunda Ruby Pendant; Initial Q Vakratunda Ruby Pendant; Initial S Vakratunda Ruby Pendant; Initial E Vakratunda Ruby Pendant and Initial B Vakratunda Ruby Pendant.

If you are a religious person, you will love to add charm to your jewellery style by flaunting Gajalakshmi Ruby Pendant or Om Swastik Trishul Diamond Pendant also. Those who choose to be close to their faith in a fashionable way, we have something for you too – Nakshatra Pendants. These Nakshatra pendants come in a variety of design for you to wear starting from simple geometric shapes to Nakshatra pendants with ‘Om’ in them. Yeah, we do invite you to not follow oft-beaten trends but make one of your own, with our collection of gemstone pendants for men.

Nakshatra Pendants Price

Nakshatra pendants in India start as low as Rs. 15,026 (approx.) only. There are a bunch of Nakshatra pendants available at a similar price as well as designs. However, gemstone pendants start at a lesser price in general with initial Ruby pendants. Once your cart value crosses 10k, you can shop your Nakshatra pendants on EMI as well as jewellery insurance. Keeping in mind that Nakshatra pendants are bought mostly for auspicious occasions, it makes sense to get it insured for a very nominal charge. Doesn’t it?

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