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Gemstone Navratna Rings

Danusiya Navratna Ring

Rs. 20,951 Rs. 18,067

Style No C010161

Heartisan Navratna Ring

Rs. 18,321 Rs. 16,055

Style No C013559

Delilah Navratna Ring

Rs. 28,516 Rs. 25,138

Style No C013551

Octavia Navratna Ring

Rs. 19,848 Rs. 17,417

Style No C013533

Lucilla Navratna Ring

Rs. 18,127 Rs. 16,026

Style No C013531

Suzie Navratna Ring

Rs. 45,566 Rs. 39,551

Style No C010157

Dhatri Navratna Ring

Rs. 28,642 Rs. 24,028

Style No C010193

Eeshika Navratna Ring

Rs. 21,195 Rs. 18,558

Style No C010191

Cordelia Navratna Ring

Rs. 29,001 Rs. 25,829

Style No C010189

Shreya Navratna Ring

Rs. 34,973 Rs. 30,111

Style No C010187

Jamini Navratna Ring

Rs. 31,171 Rs. 27,463

Style No C010185

Livilla Navratna Ring

Rs. 16,673 Rs. 14,901

Style No C013563

Navratna Rings

Navratna in English means 9 precious gemstones; this is a very popular and sought-after concept here in India and many people who have strong belief and faith in astrology seek this kind of jewellery for improvising their lives. This is a small collection of navratna rings for ladies that have each of the nine precious gems: pearl, diamond, ruby, emerald, blue sapphire, garnet, citrine & coral embedded onto it in varying patterns.

Navratna Rings Designs

These are clubbed together as anniversary rings, gifting rings, party wear rings, cocktail rings, astrological rings, birthstone rings and so on. Indians have strong belief in astrology and hence Navratna rings amongst both women and men are very popular and are always in high demand. Some rings have a band type arrangement, while some a circular floral pattern; some have the eternity setting, while some are set in rounded square shapes.

Navratna Rings Prices

Prices scale between 17000 to 40000; prices are uniform across all cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Calcutta, Bangalore, and Pune.

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