Gemstone Navratna Rings

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Octavia Navratna ...
Rs. 30,561 Rs. 24,449

Offer Price: Rs. 22,544 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Heartisan Navratna Ring
Rs. 28,533 Rs. 22,826

Offer Price: Rs. 21,041 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Livilla Navratna ...
Rs. 24,658 Rs. 19,726

Offer Price: Rs. 17,860 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Lucilla Navratna ...
Rs. 27,509 Rs. 22,007

Offer Price: Rs. 20,142 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Cordelia Navratna...
Rs. 38,321 Rs. 30,657

Offer Price: Rs. 28,780 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Eeshika Navratna ...
Rs. 34,965 Rs. 27,972

Offer Price: Rs. 25,542 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Danusiya Navratna...
Rs. 33,736 Rs. 26,989

Offer Price: Rs. 25,233 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Brihat Navratna Ring
Rs. 22,418 Rs. 17,934

Offer Price: Rs. 16,442 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Jamini Navratna Ring
Rs. 41,639 Rs. 33,311

Offer Price: Rs. 31,284 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Delilah Navratna ...
Rs. 38,031 Rs. 30,425

Offer Price: Rs. 28,560 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Punya Navratna Ring
Rs. 19,748 Rs. 15,798

Offer Price: Rs. 14,600 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Havya Navratna Ring
Rs. 22,201 Rs. 17,761

Offer Price: Rs. 15,371 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)

Shreya Navratna Ring
Rs. 49,686 Rs. 39,749

Offer Price: Rs. 34,887 (50% Making Off)

Caitya Navratna Ring
Rs. 26,253 Rs. 21,002

Offer Price: Rs. 18,663 (25% OFF on Diamond Prices)



Men wear navaratna rings exclusively for astro purposes. Nav means nine and ratna means gems, hence navratna means nine gems.Navaratna stones are gems of diamond, blue sapphire, ruby, emerald, topaz, opal, amethyst and jade. A Navaratna ring designs usually has a broad shank because it does require quite an amount of space to accommodate the nine stones.

Navaratna Rings Designs

Simple to intricate, these navaratna rings for men contain all types of designs. You can choose to sport the simple shank on a daily basis as well as go for.
Here are some designs with dual coloured shank – Smith navaratna ring, Kaartik navaratna ring, Princely navaratna ring and Boulevard navaratna ring.
Top rated navaratna rings for men – Melvin navaratna ring, Shaun navaratna ring, Stephen navaratna ring and Supreme navaratna ring.

Navaratna Stone Rings Online

Shop navratan gold rings for men and customize it to suit your needs. The gold colour, purity and diamond clarity can be customized. The colour options for navaratna rings for men are yellow and white gold while the purity options are 18K and 14K. There are four diamond clarities to choose your navaratna rings for men from i.e. SI IJ, SI GH, VS GH and VVS EF.
Candere always deals in only BIS hallmarked gold jewellery online, emphasizing a lot on the stress factor that bonds buyers to their jewellery vendors. Each and every piece of jewellery manufactured and sold here is hallmarked by BIS and it is advised that one should always check for the symbol of hallmarking on any jewellery while purchasing. The gemstones are accompanied by Certification of Authentication from well-known gemstone laboratories like SGL, CGL and IGI.

Navaratna Gold Rings With Price

A gold navaratna ring starts from Rs 16,101 and goes as high as Rs 55,645 approx. These rings are known for their astrological significance among the Indians and most of them wear it to keep negativity and impure intentions away. The ring has nine precious gemstones embedded in them and each stone has a religious importance to it. The navaratna ring at Candere are certified for quality and genuinity. All gemstones embedded on the ring are natural precious gemstones certified by CGL(Cambay Gemological Lab) and IGI(International Gemological Institute)

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