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Gems are the best conversation starters.

Why would someone rely on words when gestures can make it work better? Isn’t it a passé that only women need to and do – change their wardrobe essentials every time they feel it needs a makeover, and men don’t do? Well, interestingly, men love to make transformations too. And yes, like women, men are versatile in their fashion sense too. These are those classy men who are not afraid to become fashionistas but are apprehensive of becoming fashion victims. Yeah men, we’d love to see you setting and even changing fashion trends, breaking stereotypes of fashion. In fact, we challenge you to do that and to show us how you can run the fashion world better! And what can make this happen better than a lovely collection of handsome gemstone rings?


Guys, you need not feel guilty about spending on yourself, when you don’t think twice before spending for your family, for your friends for your lady-love. What do you earn for? To pamper yourself and to be the best and enjoy a luxurious, hi lifestyle, isn’t it? What’s best, this ‘break’ in fashion comes with the added advantage of all the attention that people will shower you with, if you experiment with your looks. And trust us, we’ll make it work for you, with our bold designs.


If you love to wear all the nine gems on your finger together in a single ring, then you could choose to own a few pieces from these: Stephen Navratna Ring; Kane Navratna Ring; Shaun Navratna Ring - it will make your day!


Let’s see what you can wear, when:-

At your best friend’s wedding: Michael Navratna Ring

Be your best at your own bachelor party: Xavier Navratna Ring

Attending an events’ night or an award function: Austen Emerald Ring, because this is where you need to make a bold statement and talk through your gem. This comes in four interchangeable gems: yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, ruby and emerald.

An actor or a performing artist would love to set the stage on fire: Jensen Cross Blue Sapphire Ring

Your sister’s ring ceremony: Glenn Navratna Ring - you have to get some share of the attention as the brother of the to-be-bride, isn’t it?

Your office party: Melvin Navratna Ring - let them have some refreshing gem-gossip after all the tiring routine office gossip.

Have a dinner date with your wife followed by a romantic dance: Duke Sapphire Ring - hold her delicately in your arms and charm the evening with any one of the four gemstones.

Enjoying a coffee conversation with your best female friend? Impress her with your style - Smith Navratna Ring

Going for a board meeting first thing in the morning: Shane Ruby Ring

If bold, heavy and large gemstones are your style, you may decide your stone colour and then wear one amongst these: Alistair Ring, Bruno Ring or Ailbert Ring.


You may want to customize your ring with variety in gems if you want to catch attention, and even engrave it if it is a gift. Online jewellery shopping can’t get any better than Candere, if you can get all the perks of store-shopping - online. With benefits like: Interest free EMIs; Easy payment gateways; best offers and discounts with vouchers; coupons and even rewards; speedy; assured and safe delivery and much more. That’s Candere for you. Yeah, we incite you to not follow oft beaten trends but make your own fashion trends, with our collection of gemstone pendants for men.


Let your fingers make interesting gestures in a lively conversation. Gemstones animate any expression of communication!

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