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Gemstone Rings for men

Arav Emerald Ring

Rs. 98,434 Rs. 84,653

Style No C008369

Carl Ruby Ring

Rs. 109,359 Rs. 94,049

Style No C008407

Ailbert Yellow Sapphire Ring

Rs. 137,274 Rs. 118,056

Style No C008451

Roman Emerald Ring

Rs. 102,197 Rs. 87,889

Style No C008425

Duke Yellow Sapphire Ring

Rs. 129,330 Rs. 111,224

Style No C008419

Bruno Ruby Ring

Rs. 109,722 Rs. 94,361

Style No C008447

Arthur Blue Sapphire Ring

Rs. 118,348 Rs. 101,779

Style No C008437

Brett Emerald Ring

Rs. 97,598 Rs. 83,934

Style No C008409

Calvin Yellow Sapphire Ring

Rs. 100,524 Rs. 86,451

Style No C008379

Austen Blue Sapphire Ring

Rs. 130,166 Rs. 111,943

Style No C008461

Amod Ruby Ring

Rs. 116,412 Rs. 100,114

Style No C008367

Akar Blue Sapphire Ring

Rs. 113,067 Rs. 97,238

Style No C008357

Alistair Blue Sapphire Ring

Rs. 114,586 Rs. 98,544

Style No C008389

Shane Ruby Ring

Rs. 100,105 Rs. 86,090

Style No C008399

Jensen Cross Blue Sapphire Ring

Rs. 42,979 Rs. 36,962

Style No C010423

Shaun Navratna Ring

Rs. 50,871 Rs. 43,749

Style No C010145

Men's Gemstone Ring Designs

Gemstones have a crucial role play in our lives and we have been asserting a special importance to these colourful tiny gem like stones since centuries. Gems and precious stones found naturally in the nature were given a place of high importance by our ancestor kings and queens too, it would adorn their jewels and crowns also. And since, the legacy has been passed down to the succeeding generations. Wearing gemstone rings and gemstone jewellery is considered auspicious; not only that but the exercise of wearing them is also planned and organized according to astro systems and beliefs. The science of Astrology is all about beliefs – the more you believe, the more you get results out of your actions channelled by these beliefs.

Gemstone Ring Price

Gemstone ring price at Candere starts only at Rs. 30,321 only! Enjoy the fusion of the nine ratnas at this price. Besides navratna, there are gemstone rings with a dedicated gemstone as well. These make quite fancy engagement rings for the groom-to-be. Additionally, you may also opt to get these designs on EMI to let your pocket breathe easy! There are two types of flexible payment methods at Candere i.e. Plan & Purchase EMI and EMI by Kissht. Moreover, you can also get your gemstone rings insured at a very nominal charge at checkout to safeguard it from unwanted mishaps.

Buy Gemstone Rings for Men Online

Men are known to wear large carat astrological rings to invoke the best of the positive effects in their lives, in their careers, in their businesses and their families. Like the woman of the household, even a man thinks, concerns and prays for the wellbeing of his family members; at times going out of their way to protect and safeguard them or even doing the most simplistic things in the most practical manner. Men have a deep bonding with gems and astrological ornaments, be it rings, pendants or even wrist embellishments. Apart from wearing astrological and navratna rings for zodiacal purposes, men also wear gemstone pendants with the same intent. Only difference, most of the Candere pendants have 5Ct of gemstone embedded, that make them heavy and expensive.

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