Gemstone Rings for men

Gemstone Rings for men

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Krish Black Onyx ...
Rs. 24,225 Rs. 19,380

Offer Price: Rs. 14,591 (50% Off on Making on Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery)

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Balaj Navratna Ring
Rs. 35,696 Rs. 28,557

Offer Price: Rs. 19,452 (100% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)

Princely Navratna...
Rs. 82,903 Rs. 66,322

Offer Price: Rs. 46,494 (100% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)

Melvin Navratna Ring
Rs. 82,488 Rs. 65,990

Offer Price: Rs. 54,531 (50% Off on Making on Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery)

Sreejesh Navratna...
Rs. 50,468 Rs. 40,374

Offer Price: Rs. 27,344 (100% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)

Boulevard Navratn...
Rs. 68,161 Rs. 54,529

Offer Price: Rs. 37,405 (100% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)

Emperor Navratna ...
Rs. 54,040 Rs. 43,232

Offer Price: Rs. 29,070 (100% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)

Aadyot Navratna Ring
Rs. 35,484 Rs. 28,387

Offer Price: Rs. 17,077 (100% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)

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Royalty Navratna Ring
Rs. 49,975 Rs. 39,980

Offer Price: Rs. 27,105 (100% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)

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Quest Navratna Ring
Rs. 80,035 Rs. 64,028

Offer Price: Rs. 44,458 (100% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)

Supreme Navratna ...
Rs. 48,756 Rs. 39,005

Offer Price: Rs. 26,516 (100% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)

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Kaartik Navratna ...
Rs. 69,655 Rs. 55,724

Offer Price: Rs. 38,214 (100% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)

Indeever Navratna...
Rs. 36,671 Rs. 29,337

Offer Price: Rs. 20,512 (100% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)

Chatresh Navratna...
Rs. 46,199 Rs. 36,959

Offer Price: Rs. 27,380 (100% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)

Roman Emerald Ring
Rs. 210,225 Rs. 168,180

Offer Price: Rs. 147,838 (100% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)

Eashan Navratna Ring
Rs. 31,524 Rs. 25,219

Offer Price: Rs. 15,485 (100% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)


Men's Gemstone Ring Designs

Gemstones have a crucial role in our lives, and we have been asserting a special importance to these colourful tiny gem-like stones for centuries. Gems and precious stones found naturally were given a place of high importance by kings and queens too, and it would adorn their jewels and crowns. And since, the legacy has been passed down to the succeeding generations. Wearing gemstone rings and jewellery is considered auspicious; not only that but the exercise of wearing them is also planned and organised according to Astro systems and beliefs. The science of Astrology is all about beliefs – the more you believe, the more you get results out of your actions channelled by these beliefs.
Stone ring for men is still considered to be equally important in the 21st century. Rings by Candere are designed to cater to the different style choices. You can choose from Band Ring, Broad Ring, to Multistone Rings. You can surprise your spouse, son or close friends with this perfect gift.

Gemstone Style Types

Choose from a variety of stone ring for men that are suitable for any or every occasion. Astrological stones are popular because of their positive beliefs. Apart from this, distinctive styles are also available in classic and contemporary styles. You also have the choice to select from the various stone shape of your choice. You can go for an Emerald Cut or select Oval or Round design. Select the style and design which suits you or your loved ones the best.

Gemstone Ring Price

Gemstone ring price at Candere starts only at Rs. 30,321 only! Enjoy the fusion of the nine ratnas at this price. Besides navaratna, there are gemstone rings with a dedicated gemstone as well. These make fancy engagement rings for the groom-to-be. You may also opt to get these designs on Double Gold Rate Protection (DGRP) to let your pocket breathe easy! With DGRP, you can avail stone ring for men without any worry. You don’t have to pay any processing fee, and it has a zero interest rate. Moreover, when you purchase the product with only 10% of the final price. Therefore, this plan offers you gold at an extremely low cost and flexibility of pay.

Buy Gemstone Rings for Men Online

Men are known to wear large carat astrological rings to invoke the best of the positive effects in their lives, careers, businesses, and families. Like the woman of the household, even a man thinks, concerns and prays for the wellbeing of his family members; at times going out of their way to protect and safeguard them or even doing the most simplistic things in the most practical manner. Men have a deep bonding with gems and astrological ornaments, be it rings, pendants or even wrist embellishments. Apart from wearing astrological and navaratna rings for zodiacal purposes, men also wear gemstone pendants with the same intent. Therefore, purchase a stone ring for men today with Candere’s easy payment process online.

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