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Gemstone Solitaire Studs Earrings

The Simon Aquamarine Earring

Rs. 22,473 Rs. 19,327

Style No C000674

The Ultimate Tanzanite Earring

Rs. 21,637 Rs. 18,608

Style No C000683

The Trayo Aquamarine Earring

Rs. 21,207 Rs. 18,238

Style No C000686

Gloria Ruby Earrings

Rs. 80,644 Rs. 69,354

Style No C008879

Abhirathi Citrine Earring

Rs. 18,210 Rs. 15,661

Style No C007581

Ruby Couple Heart Earring

Rs. 14,184 Rs. 12,198

Style No C000887

Dangal Aquamarine Earrings

Rs. 33,219 Rs. 28,568

Style No C002024

Semon Tourmaline Earring

Rs. 23,077 Rs. 19,846

Style No C000668

The Arabesque Garnet Earring

Rs. 16,076 Rs. 13,825

Style No C000677

The Shamballa Tourmaline Earring

Rs. 26,536 Rs. 22,821

Style No C000662

Lurlene Tanzanite Earrings

Rs. 34,599 Rs. 29,755

Style No C005943

Prisme Diamond Earrings

Rs. 50,424 Rs. 43,365

Style No C013027

Divyanshi Green Onyx Earrings

Rs. 16,205 Rs. 13,936

Style No C012555

Iliana Iolite Earrings

Rs. 117,843 Rs. 101,345

Style No C012549

Anuva Pink Spinel Earrings

Rs. 12,347 Rs. 10,618

Style No C012545

Akruti Red Spinel Earrings

Rs. 40,281 Rs. 34,642

Style No C012535

Gemstone Solitaire Studs

Gems and coloured stones make for a perfect jewellery staple for every occasion; any occasion for that matter calls for some colourful bling and glitter. In some case, this glitter is surrounded by prongs or in some case, it is flanked by a golden margin to give it an enhanced look. Studs by themselves, far & large impart an impeccable look to the wearer; these are the most contemporary part of jewellery worn by women and even men these days. Interestingly, men too, carry studs with equal grace and élan. At times, people are known by the stud accessories they wear and then we see the stud fashion suddenly becoming a craze with fashionistas. Many celebrities are spotted wearing and sporting studs – of diamonds or gemstones, females as well as males and then it becomes their style statement, they are hardly spotted not wearing those signature studs! Cool, eh?

Solitaire Gemstone Earrings

Interestingly, many of these studs are detachable ie they have parts that can be worn separately as an independent design or combine various elements of the same stud. Because these studs have independent solitaires, they emit so much radiance, without any interference. Team these studs with matching gemstone pendants also available in stud designs or minimal danglers.  

Solitaire Studs

You may choose to buy solitaire studs in various colours or shades of the same colour, or with the same astrological value and importance. Carat sizes may vary between 0.07Ct and 2.0Cts, including or not including diamonds. The settings used also varies from prongs to pave, bezel or channel, depending upon the demand of the design and the size of the carat. Stones used in solitaire studs are: blue sapphire, ruby, emerald, tourmaline, spinel, iolite, topaz, aquamarine, peridot, onyx and of course diamonds.

Solitaire Earrings Online

Majority of buying these days happens from an online space, Candere has built a competent online model for business that takes place entirely online including shopping, adding products to an online shopping cart, one-to-one interaction between buyer and seller, comparisons, sizing of the products, customization and to the last step – payment. To make buying of solitaire earrings online very easy and smooth process, we ensure there is complete security of online transactions and not only that, our delivery model also is competent. It is fast, safe and secure.

Gemstone Solitaire Studs at EMI

Most of these studs have a sizeable carat of gemstone, with or without diamonds, they may be priced high; that may be a buying deterrent. That’s precisely why Candere extends the EMI payment option that protects your price for you and allows you to pay as per your plan. There are NO add-on charges involved in the costing like processing fee or EMI interest. A great idea to save money on luxurious purchase.

Certified Gemstone Earrings

All the gemstones, precious or semi-precious and also all the diamonds used in jewellery manufacturing at Candere are IGI certified; the metal used is BIS hallmarked. Rest assured, Candere would only sell you certified gemstone engagement rings, quite the worth for your money.

Gemstone Earrings Price

Designer gemstone studs are priced on a scale of INR 15000 to 1.4 lakhs, depending largely on the amount of gold used and the carat of the gemstone or no. of diamonds used. Prices remain uniform across all of these cities and our designs, products and payment gateways are accessible on all digital devices like desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, iPad, etc.


Owing to our online presence, it becomes easier to reach out to all our customers and buyers based in cities, towns and areas across India, like: Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Noida, Pune, Kolkatta, Ahmedabad, Jaipur; across the length and breadth of the country.

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