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Prezzie Hera Diamond Pendant

Rs. 13,806 Rs. 11,873

Style No KC00720

Prezzie Hera Diamond Earrings

Rs. 26,783 Rs. 23,033

Style No KC00648

Prezzie Hera Diamond Ring

Rs. 20,992 Rs. 18,053

Style No KC00573

Espy Hera Diamond Pendant

Rs. 12,600 Rs. 10,836

Style No KC00690

Espy Hera Diamond Earring

Rs. 24,130 Rs. 20,752

Style No KC00651

Espy Hera Diamond Ring

Rs. 16,231 Rs. 13,959

Style No KC00576

Pompy Hera Diamond Pendant

Rs. 13,251 Rs. 11,396

Style No KC00717

Pompy Hera Diamond Earrings

Rs. 22,052 Rs. 18,965

Style No KC00645

Flairious Hera Diamond Pendant

Rs. 9,490 Rs. 8,161

Style No KC00708

Flairious Hera Diamond Earrings

Rs. 20,797 Rs. 17,885

Style No KC00594

Flairious Hera Diamond Ring

Rs. 14,669 Rs. 12,615

Style No KC00666

Witty Ditty Hera Diamond Pendant

Rs. 15,580 Rs. 13,399

Style No KC00681

Witty Ditty Hera Diamond Earrings

Rs. 24,101 Rs. 20,727

Style No KC00630

Witty Ditty Hera Diamond Ring

Rs. 17,577 Rs. 15,116

Style No KC00678

Lucent Hera Diamond Pendant

Rs. 15,374 Rs. 13,222

Style No KC00714

Lucent Hera Diamond Earrings

Rs. 22,006 Rs. 18,925

Style No KC00642


Diamonds, the most alluring factor of daily wear jewellery. The lure of diamonds is something that has encapsulated the world and in spite of being a gold lover country, India is not far behind. Today diamond jewellery has caught the attention of the young and the old and when it comes to everyday diamond wear, they do not shy away from picking a piece of diamond jewellery for themselves. Keeping in mind this change in the trend we bring to you Hera Jewellery collection of Kalyan Jewellers Hera Collections.


Hera Jewellery collection is part of Kalyan Jewellers in-house collection which you can now avail online on Candere as well. The best thing being that you need not worry about the availability of the products, all you need to do is order what you like and what’s more is that you can pick and customize it as per your fancy. Do we want it in white or rose gold? We have that for you. Do you need to change the diamond quality? We have that for you too, and it does not end there, you can also change the gold purity from 18k to 14k and fit the product to your budget accordingly. Isn’t that amazing!

You can buy Hera jewellery online from a starting price of Rs.7,759/- approximately. Most products of Hera Jewellery Collection are available as a set which includes ring, earring and pendant. The price range of Hera Jewellery Collection is reasonable as the tagline explains – “everyday diamond.” All products are priced keeping in mind that it is meant for daily wear.


Some of the best designs in Hera jewellery Collection are – Espy, Whirlie, Wry Spy, Angelic, Frenzy, Prezzie and Riffle. Priced approximately around 11k to 20k, all Hera diamond rings are suitable for everyday use as and also make for beautiful budget gifts.


The collection also has an eclectic list of matching ear studs for everyday use. Pricing starting at 15k. Some of the most giftable Hera diamond earrings designs are – Flairious, Blonde Beauty, Squizy, Jolly Molly, Blink Wink, Laurel, and Fenzy. The earrings of Hera jewellery Collection are not only suited for everyday wear but also perfectly fit the workwear jewellery bracket.


Hera diamond pendants are priced at approx. 7k to 20k. They can be customized as a set and look beautiful as birthday or anniversary gift if you have a budget to stick to. Some of the most purchased Hera Jewellery Collection designs in pendants are – Flairious, Espy, Chiffony, Dream Beam, Frenzy, Plume, Dribbles, Witty Ditty, Riffle, Loops and Wry Spy.

All products of Hera Jewellery collection come with diamond certification with reputed Diamond Certification Labs and with BIS gold hallmarking. You can avail the products from anywhere in India and we will deliver it right to your doorstep. What’s more is you can also get your jewellery insured now for a year with a negligible charge and protect not just your hard earned money but also the memories attached to your gift. At Candere we make sure you never have to look back and wonder if you made the right choice. You can check the advantages of shopping from Candere right here.

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