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Sunbeam Gold Ring
Rs. 14,097

Style No GR00765

Aurea Gold Ring
Rs. 8,002

Style No GR00819

Amaze Gold Ring
Rs. 8,096

Style No GR00813

Gliding Gold Mang...
Rs. 10,773

Style No GR00786

Deliquesce Gold M...
Rs. 17,171

Offer Price: Rs. 13,625 (50% Making Off)

Scallop Gold Pendant
Rs. 6,622

Style No GR00777

Coiled Gold Pendant
Rs. 10,377

Style No GR00771

Bogey On Gold Bra...
Rs. 24,915

Offer Price: Rs. 19,770 (50% Making Off)

Smooth Sail Gold Bracelet
Rs. 28,955

Offer Price: Rs. 22,976 (50% Making Off)

Flamboyance Gold ...
Rs. 81,554

Offer Price: Rs. 68,051 (50% Making Off)

Budding Beauty Gold Bangle
Rs. 62,644

Offer Price: Rs. 52,271 (50% Making Off)


The term ‘Sunkissed’ is used to refer to something kissed affectionately by the sun. Our Sunkissed jewellery collection is compiled with exclusive yellow gold designs. The same

Sunkissed Jewellery Designs

The USP of the Sunkissed jewellery collection is its weight. While we are out in the sun, we don’t fancy wearing heavy or bold pieces. The design you find above are quite lightweight, but in a stylish way. These are the perfect summer accessory for daily wear, work, casual outings, etc.

The Sunkissed jewellery collection includes rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets and pendants.

Each piece has a story of their own and you will love wearing them. Each design is different from the other and showcases a variety of leaf motifs. The detailing of each design is what makes these so desirable.

All the designs are crafted exclusively in 18K gold purity. As far as the colour is concerned, you can customise them in Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold respectively. Only bangles are available in Yellow and White gold.

We wanted to create a collection that was easy to fall in love with and easier to buy. Within a week of its launch, some of the Sunkissed jewellery collection has already become best-selling pieces. To name a few would be Scallop gold pendant, Flame On gold earrings, etc.

Sunkissed Jewellery Online

Shop Sunkissed jewellery collection online and get it delivered at home for free. Our home deliveries in India are absolutely free of shipping charges, so you are paying only for the jewellery. Moreover, our on-going offers will ensure that you also save some bucks on the go!

Sunkissed Jewellery Collection

The Sunkissed jewellery collection starts as low as Rs. 3,500 only. This gold collection is supremely light-weight, no wonder it starts at such an affordable price point. They are perfect for gifting because of their fancy design and pocket-friendly price point.

Happy Shopping!

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